Thanks to this exact program, I have been able to massively alter every aspect of life, and I want to help you do the same. I got unstuck and found fulfilment. My self-confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed, I started my own business and now living financial and location freedom, like I had always dreamed. The results showed up in my wealth, health, relationships, and my family! You are only 6 months away from a radical transformation
Even now, despite all what is happening in the world … because now more than ever, is your time to show up for yourself, invest in yourself and level up.  

You’re capable of more than the current results you are seeing, and I want to walk you through the exact blueprint I used to completely change my life. 

There was a time in my life when I was stuck, unfulfilled, belittling myself, I was not happy, knowing I am meant for more and that there must be more to the life for me. I know you can relate to this. I want something different for you this year…   

'Thinking Into Results'

6 months to radical transformation

I want this is to be the year of YOU, where you completely transform YOUR WHOLE LIFE starting with finding yourself, getting unstuck, increasing your self-worth and setting that damn goal and live your dream.

I want you to feel incredible because you finally found yourself, your real true self. Not the one your parents want you to be. Not the one your partner what you to be. Not the one society wants you to be. The real YOU, who YOU want to be!

I want you to take that leap of faith and work on yourself, and your goals, because you owe this to yourself.

And because I remember that same moment in my life like it was yesterday. 

6 months from now you will need a telescope to look back on your life, I guarantee you.

Jump into this with me

All you can change is
But that changes 

– Barbora


wanna master mindset, manifestation & personal development at the same time?

About Barbora

From a lost, shy, unfulfilled, hardworking corporate employee, to the happiest and most self-confident solopreneur, finding her purpose in serving others & living her dream.

Barbora is certified as high-performance Proctor Gallagher consultant working alongside with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. 

Besides that, she is just an ordinary girl with extraordinary information and knowledge that she is applying in her life and teaching in the ‘Thinking Into Results’ program to the people who have made the decision to strive high and improve their results in all areas of their life.


Are you ready to

With this specialised 6-month program, we will work intensively on establishing your goals, improving your mindset, and overcoming any limiting beliefs that have been stopping you until now. 

You will also be guided to curate a plan to take intuitive action in achieving your dreams. I am so excited for you!


YOUR life?



this program is for you

… if you are not happy with the results you are seeing, you lack confidence in yourself and are constantly holding yourself back because you do not believe you can, if you feel like you are meant for more and want to contribute more to this world, and if you tired of playing small.

Set and achieve goals that are worthy of you

Identify your blind spots & limiting beliefs and overcome them

Work smarter, not harder by using your higher mental faculties

Master your financial situation

Build mental resilience

Improved your self confidence and self esteem

yes, it really works!


“Thinking Into Results’ has changed my life dramatically. I trusted my intuition, I took a leap of faith and I signed up. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks to TIR my life has improved in so many ways. One of the best things that happened is that I’m able to set goals that inspire me to grow and reach for what I truly want in life. I have more energy than ever before and I feel more at ease and focused. I now see the results in my life that I wanted for so many years. And the fun part is that it keeps getting better and better. Working with Barbora is a blessing. She’s always there if I have questions and she leads by example. It’s inspiring to go through the TIR journey with her. She’s authentic, a good listener, a great coach and she has a lot of experience where I can learn from. She really cares and you can feel and see that. Thank you Barbora and let’s continue our journey!

Working with Barbora is a blessing

Liesbeth, Netherlands

thank you

'Thinking Into Results' is a program where you find your true self, a journey within, you will find love, joy and abundance and not only you will benefit from it, all the people around you will benefit from it. It's life-changing. Barbora is a kind-hearted giver, she's calm and insightful and will do her best to help you get what you desire.

A journey within

Ali, Iraq


thank you

'Thinking Into Results' re-wired my thinking and I became amazingly conscious of my self-talk. This allowed me to change first from outside and ultimately from within which made me a much better person. Barbora is a wonderful person and I highly appreciate her loving guidance and insights. Barbora, thank you so much for your loving support, your open heart, your intuitive guidance and our magic calls. TIR with Barbora came into my life as a surprise and will stay with me forever. I can’t even describe how it has changed my life but I see the results in my business, in the relationship with my family and my dreams became so much bigger! Why playing small?

I see the results

Nadine, Switzerland


thank you

I’ve been blessed to be part of 'Thinking Into Results'  program and I can say this has changed my life since the day I decided to join. My awareness of myself and others has raised tremendously and I realize that we have huge potential locked up inside of us, that most of us aren’t using. Thanks to TIR I am working towards my biggest dreams that I didn’t even know where possible before. I take continuously huge quantum leaps to grow as a person and to serve the people around me. The beautiful part is that this is only the beginning. She is determined to provide the highest possible value to as many clients she can to help them live a richer and fuller life that is true to their nature.

This has changed my life

Tonis, Estonia


thank you

I really love to work with Barbora, she is always willing to help and she has positive energy. 'Thinking Into Results' is a phenomenal program that can help you achieve any goal especially your BIG goals and with the support of Barbora, you will accomplish goals you wouldn’t have dreamed possible!

You can achieve any goal

Zeudi, Willemstad


thank you

With the program 'Thinking Into Results' I attracted 1 million euros to start my pyramid and crystal business and it happened by the city of Vienna offering me 20 times higher price for formerly agricultural family property.

I attracted 1 million euros

Johannes, Austria


thank you

I am absolutely loving the 'Thinking Into Results' coaching sessions I'm receiving from Barbora. Barbora is clear, concise and explains things extremely well so that I always feel I leave the sessions with a greater understanding of mindset, more depth of knowledge and sheer enthusiasm. I would definitely recommend this (and have done) to my friends. Thank you Barbora for helping me positively develop and manifest great things into my life.

I would definitely recommend this

Leila, Scotland

thank you



My mission is to lead you and guide you through this process to finally find yourself, get unstuck, start to feel fulfilled from deep inside and live your life to your fullest potential - it is all inside of you.

I am here to teach you how to shift into the mindset that will work for you in achieving your dreams and desires, to make the life-altering leaps to more abundance in every aspect of your life. I fully believe that you can have whatever it is that you desire. It’s all about establishing that belief within yourself, and I will hold the space and support you on this journey. Are you ready?

I am so ready