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While I/Barbora Jedlovska provides qualified coaching, consulting, content and guidance – I am NOT a formal therapist, clinical psychologist or medical doctor. I/Barbora have a bachelor in Nutrition and Health, am certified as high-performance Proctor Gallagher consultant, however, my content, teachings, advice and services should NOT be seen as a substitute for conventional mental and physical health and medical services, where these are required. I cannot make any clinical diagnosis (physical or mental) and do not offer “cures”. You should always consult your doctor for any important medical health problem. This includes any medication issues.

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I/Barbora Jedlovska do not offer a return policy. All returns or reimbursement requests are handled by person and situation and are subject to denial depending on the individual circumstances. I/Barbora Jedlovska release, coach and provide content with the best of intentions to help the individual, but ultimately it is the individual's responsibility to integrate the content in order to get their desired results


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