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I am grateful! 


I feel that everything I learned from Barbora will allow me to do be authentic and in alignment. I was feeling pulled to do things in a way that society expects/ wants us to build a business, but so much of that wasn’t resonating with me. Now I know why. I also really appreciate the way I am and how that can bring good to the world after hearing about my design. I’m so excited to start the new year with a better understanding of myself and how I can show up for others and in my business!

- KATT, Dating coach, CANADA

Working with Barbora re-wired my thinking and I became amazingly conscious of my self-talk. This allowed me to change first from outside and ultimately from within which made me a much better person. Barbora is a wonderful person and I highly appreciate her loving guidance and insights. Barbora, thank you so much for your loving support, your open heart, your intuitive guidance and our magic calls. I can’t even describe how it has changed my life but I see the results in my business, in the relationship with my family and my dreams became so much bigger! Why playing small?

- NADINE, Success coach, SWITZERLAND

I’ve been blessed to be part of Barbora's program and I can say this has changed my life since the day I decided to join. My awareness of myself and others has raised tremendously and I realize that we have huge potential locked up inside of us, that most of us aren’t using. I take continuously huge quantum leaps to grow as a person and to serve the people around me. The beautiful part is that this is only the beginning. She is determined to provide the highest possible value to as many clients as she can to help them live a richer and fuller life that is true to their nature.

- TONIS, Consultant, ESTONIA

I could have never gotten to this point so quickly if it wouldn't be Barbora. 
Get ready to know yourself on a completely deeper level while Barbora guides you, you will experience energetic amplification and collapsing of timelines. Barbora helped me to bring my gifts in focus, invite peace, calmness, and rest and as a result, I grounded myself and my online business with a whole new level of confidence. I am so ready to flourish and bloom and Barbora played a major role in my journey.


I am absolutely loving the coaching sessions I'm receiving from Barbora. Barbora is clear, concise and explains things extremely well so that I always feel I leave the sessions with a greater understanding of mindset, more depth of knowledge and sheer enthusiasm. I would definitely recommend this (and have done) to my friends. Thank you Barbora for helping me positively develop and manifest great things into my life.


Working with Barbora is a blessing. She’s always there for you if I have questions and she leads by example. It’s inspiring to go through my business journey with her. She’s authentic, a good listener, a great coach and she has a lot of experience where I can learn from. She really cares and you can feel and see that. Thank you Barbora and let’s continue our journey!

- LIESBETH, Project manager, NETHERLANDS

​​I really love to work with Barbora, she is always willing to help and she has positive energy. Through Barbora's phenomenal program you achieve any goal especially your BIG goals and with the support of Barbora, you will accomplish goals you wouldn’t have dreamed possible!


I can’t recommend the mentoring and facilitation that Barbora Jedlovska offers her clients highly enough. In the time I have had the pleasure of coming to know Barbora, I have come to appreciate the rare wisdom, common sense, and integrity she brings to her coaching and mentoring work. 

The presence and elevated consciousness Barbora brings to her clients along with her extensive knowledge and experience in the realms of human behavior, neuroscience, and spirituality inspires those whose lives she touches to transcend their unique challenges. 

If your looking for meaningful change and advancement and are willing to take 100% responsibility for creating the life you were meant to live then I couldn’t recommend Barbora’s authentic connection and mentoring enough. In every moment you are free to make a new choice one that is in alignment with your deepest essence and freshest desire. If you believe that you ARE something great, exactly as you are, with the power of the natural laws of this universe at your command then Barbora is the right mentor for you.


Barbora made me understand the importance of not changing me on a personal level, but by changing my mindset, to one where I see a brighter clearer path for my life and that I don’t need to accept that this is where I am and where I’ll always be.

- RICHARD, M., PGI Golf Professional, CALIFORNIA

The quality of Barbora's medicine is extraordinary, her warm energy uplifting, and I wholeheartedly recommend booking time with her if she enters your field. 5 stars

- CAT, M., Branding Designer, IRELAND

I have had the privilege of knowing Barbora for over a year now. She kindly agreed to be a speaker at one of our webinars. Her talk on "The importance of rethinking/reshaping your goals & beliefs in life" was not just informative but also very very motivating. Barbora shared with us a lot of tips on developing a positive mindset & grateful attitude in life. She is passionate about making a difference in others's lives by her knowledge and expertise. What truly impressed me was her humble and polite nature. Barbora is truly a gem of a person. It's without hesitation that I recommend Barbora if you are looking for the best coach for your company.

- SAUMYA, P. Ph.D, Assistant Professor | Career coach | Editor, USA

About a year ago I started playing with the thought of getting a coach. And then I somehow discovered Barbora. I remember how I replied to her story offering a clarity call and how scared I was just before, and also during that clarity call. At that time, I was unemployed, with no money, no income and with only a very fuzzy idea of what I'd like to do. I'd made a decision that'd changed my life. 
I'm forever grateful for having discovered Barbora and for having her as my coach for 6 months.
Barbora helped me to get to my own depths, to meet my dreams and desires and to turn them into goals that I am now achieving. She's helped me overcome my own limiting beliefs and fears. Barbora believed in me when I myself wasn't able. 
Thanks to working with her I am now working on my own business and I am a manifesting machine :) 
Barbora, thank you so very much for your guidance, wisdom and patience, and for all the possibilities and opportunities I can now see thanks to you.

- PETRA, K., Self-love coach, SLOVAKIA

It's not often you cross paths with someone like Barbora. I had the privilege to collaborate with her and get to know her as a person. She is a devoted, highly professional, and creative expert in the personal development field. As a person, she is gentle, kind-hearted, and authentic. Her offering comes from a place of pure heart and dedication to her clients. Barbora is the type of coach who practices what she preaches. She has an extraordinary capacity to be, at the same time, a powerful leader and a gentle nurturer. In her work, she is direct and to the point. She will encourage you to believe in yourself and your qualities. If you decide to hire her as a coach, be ready to fly high.

- LANA, K. Therapist, Denmark

“Working with Barbora not only skyrocketed my selling, but I ultimately learned how to sell from my heart, tapping into my soul portal. It helped me understand who I am and what I am here for and what makes me unique - yes, even when it comes to selling my offers. Moreover, when combined with working on your self-image, EVERYTHING changes so rapidly. I can honestly tell that I received skills and tools that I’ll be able to use for the rest of my life. I feel like my business and selling game is stepping into a whole new level because I understand selling from a completely different perspective that I missed before.''

- MEL, H., Coach

“For so long I had been spinning my wheels trying to sell my offers and finally get my business off the ground so I can leave 9-5 job that was draining me… Once I started to work with Barbora and got clear on what I am holding inside in terms of beliefs towards selling, I was blown away (laugh). Combining that with building my confidence and making sure I am using my unique energy, was extraordinary combination I haven't seen anyone besides Barbora to pursue so beautifully.” 

- LORI, Mindset coach

Pod Barborkiným vedením som urobila veľký osobnostný skok. Vyriešila som si viaceré problémy, ktoré sa mi v živote opätovne vracali a nevedela som, prečo sa mi dejú. Samozrejme, že som mala pochybnosti a prežívala aj ťažké chvíle ale Barborka mi bola neustále oporou. Uisťovala ma, že je to súčasťou procesu. Sama mi šla príkladom svojím konaním, láskavým a trpezlivým ale pritom sebavedomým prístupom pri riešení problémov. 



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