Let's make it happen,

It's time to ditch one-size-fits-all strategies and create an ALIGNED & WILDLY PROFITABLE (online) business just the way you were divinely designed to. 

You are a visionary, spiritual woman running her (online) business in the lifestyle, health, or wellness industry who wants to create Thy New Earth.

For you, your business is not just about getting paid, but a deeper soul mission to express yourself, impact others, play a contributing role in increasing the frequency of the collective and the planet while being massively compensated for your unique gifts. Quite honestly, you could not land in a better place.




to your soul and intuition

with your unique energy

deep limiting patterns from your past




You want to run your online business from your soul.

You want to share your magic so that you can make an impact AND be massively rewarded for your gifts.

You are ready to build your business the way YOU LIKE, no matter how unrealistic it might sound to others.

You want to queen up your business that is run directly from your heart and soul.

You are ready to learn what makes you unique in your services and grow a business that plays to your core strengths.

You are committed to building your audience and having a greater impact by unlocking your authentic voice.

And you want to be massively compensated for your gifts!








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Do some terms and phrases still confuse you and you are not really sure what they mean and how to practically implement them?
This extensive 45-page Human Design NEWBIE Guide is the one and only resource that you will ever need to have all the Human Design BASICS summarized in one place. And there is a little Bonus, too.

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in your business

Energy & soul alignment are the keys to creating a thriving, flourishing and energy-rich, and successful life and profitable business. 

You can learn and integrate these modalities for yourself and in your business to create harmony and flow that will help you work significantly less with more ease while achieving more.

A beautiful combination of energy science, human design, and subconscious reprogramming are profound tools for understanding yourself, your energy, and creating harmony in your life and your business.

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Working with Barbora is a blessing. She’s always there for you if I have questions and she leads by example. It’s inspiring to go through my business journey with her. She’s authentic, a good listener, a great coach and she has a lot of experience where I can learn from. She really cares and you can feel and see that. Thank you Barbora and let’s continue our journey!

Working with Barbora is a blessing

Liesbeth, Netherlands

​​I really love to work with Barbora, she is always willing to help and she has positive energy. Through Barbora's phenomenal program you achieve any goal especially your BIG goals and with the support of Barbora, you will accomplish goals you wouldn’t have dreamed possible!

Really love to work with Barbora

zeudi, willemstad


I feel that everything I learned from Barbora will allow me to do be authentic and in alignment. I was feeling pulled to do things in a way that society expects/ wants us to build a business, but so much of that wasn’t resonating with me. Now I know why. I also really appreciate the way I am and how that can bring good to the world after hearing about my design. I’m so excited to start the new year with a better understanding of myself and how I can show up for others and in my business!

Authenticity & alignment

Katt, canada


Working with Barbora re-wired my thinking and I became amazingly conscious of my self-talk. This allowed me to change first from outside and ultimately from within which made me a much better person. Barbora is a wonderful person and I highly appreciate her loving guidance and insights. Barbora, thank you so much for your loving support, your open heart, your intuitive guidance and our magic calls. I can’t even describe how it has changed my life but I see the results in my business, in the relationship with my family and my dreams became so much bigger! Why playing small?

I see the results

Nadine, Switzerland


I’ve been blessed to be part of  Barbora's program and I can say this has changed my life since the day I decided to join. My awareness of myself and others has raised tremendously and I realize that we have huge potential locked up inside of us, that most of us aren’t using. I take continuously huge quantum leaps to grow as a person and to serve the people around me. The beautiful part is that this is only the beginning. She is determined to provide the highest possible value to as many clients as she can to help them live a richer and fuller life that is true to their nature.

This has changed my life

Tonis, Estonia


I could have never gotten to this point so quickly if it wouldn't be Barbora. 
Get ready to know yourself on a completely deeper level while Barbora guides you, you will experience energetic amplification and collapsing of timelines. Barbora helped me to bring my gifts in focus, invite peace, calmness, and rest and as a result, I grounded myself and my online business with a whole new level of confidence. I am so ready to flourish and bloom and Barbora played a major role in my journey.

Thanks to Barbora

billie, norway


I am absolutely loving the coaching sessions I'm receiving from Barbora. Barbora is clear, concise and explains things extremely well so that I always feel I leave the sessions with a greater understanding of mindset, more depth of knowledge and sheer enthusiasm. I would definitely recommend this (and have done) to my friends. Thank you Barbora for helping me positively develop and manifest great things into my life.

I would definitely recommend this

Leila, Scotland



I am an intuitive business mentor, soul activator, and Human Design guide to the visionary and spiritual women with a mission.

I invite you to become a CREATRESS & GODDESS of your life and business - tapping into your highest self, purpose, prosperity, and entering higher dimensions. I remind you how unique you are, support you to fully own your power, and encourage you to create a business that reflects your soul, honors your energy, and brings increasing revenue so that you enrich this world and make a difference.

What it means to


Flourishing is the product of the pursuit and engagement of an authentic life that brings inner joy and happiness through meeting goals, being connected with life's passions, and relishing in accomplishments through the peaks and valleys of life.

The ability to flourish is defined as the ability for a person to grow as a human being through good times and through life struggles. It is a very individual journey of living as experienced and valued by the individual.
It is a culmination of self-development, self-love and dedication to one’s self. 

How does Barbora work?

Interested in what aspects Barbora uses in her coaching, mentoring and courses?


Barbora employs six areas within her philosophy